“Advanced eye care services under one roof”


Surgical Services

  • Phacoemulsification – Removal of cataract through small wound (<3mm)
  • Multifocal Lenses
  • Trifocal Lenses
  • Aspherical Lenses
  • Laser removal of membrane behind lens
  • Removal of Complicated cataract with
    • Capsular tension ring
    • Pupillary retractors / Capsule hooks
    • Capsular segments
Diagnostic Services

  • Auto-refractometer
  • Non-contact Tonometry
  • Nidek AL scan – Optical Biometry

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Atul Joglekar

    Dr. Atul Joglekar

    M.S. Opthalmology
    44 years of experience. Since 1973
  • Dr. Madar Joglekar

    Dr. Madar Joglekar

    Special Interest in Medical & Surgical Retina
    12 Years of experience in treating retinal diseases
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